Magnificent High Quality Villa for Sale in Marbella – Superb Views

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Magnificent High Quality Villa for Sale in Marbella – Superb Views

VILLA – exterior views the housing has a rational, elegant façade without superfluous details and exclusively using color range consists of white, black, grey and steel.
INTERIORS of the VILLA details – View Interior in them is appreciated the choice of materials elegant, consistent with current trends, by applying the most rational and stays quite generous. The distribution is completely classical in form of courtyard house, preserving the wisdom of our ancestors and at the same time adapting it to modern times.
ENVIRONMENT – Welcome to the future comply with the whole system of air conditioning of the housing environment comes from an endless energy source as it is our beloved Sun. Both the air conditioning system, and underfloor, heated towel racks and pool heating comes from solar photothermic, as well as domestic hot water system-wide. For this we have 24 Solar photothermic on the upper terrace.
Not content with this, we decided to contribute our bit to combat climate change and consume the least possible energy enjoyment of housing. We decided to install 45 photovoltaic solar panels to generate electricity and thus return to the network all the energy consumed by the housing.
Another problem that kept us restless was to avoid squandering our scarce supply of life called water. We decided to install a reverse osmosis system in the kitchen for own consumption and even to zero necessary water consumption for irrigation in all gardening. To do this we installed a sewage treatment plant by total oxidation with recycling of water and subsequent use for irrigation. As a summary, all the sanitation of housing is treated and used to water the garden. With this system, we stop wasting some 6,000 liters of potable water daily to maintain the garden.
Finally, we install electricity generators to make more bearable the experience of suffering an outage, feeding them throughout the House and safeguarding the risk of flood or configuration of integrated home automation.
Home Automation – New technologies on the KNX system the telecommunications is a system of home automation that allows us to carry out the following functions in the home: automation and control: open, close, turn off, turn on, regular… Domestic activities and devices (lighting, air conditioning, blinds, awnings, doors, windows, locks, irrigation, electrical appliances, water supply, gas, electricity…).
Energy management: connecting devices of heating and air conditioning according to criteria of comfort, and saving addition to control awnings and blinds for utilization of natural energies, lighting control and rationalization of electrical loads…
Safety: Automatic surveillance of persons, goods, and incidents and breakdowns, alarms intrusion, personal alarms, technical alarms of fire, smoke, water, gas, electricity supply failure…
Communications: Transmission of voice and data, including text, images, sounds (multimedia) with local networks (LAN) sharing Internet access, resources and exchange between all devices, access to new services of telephony over IP, digital television, TV cable, remote diagnostics, videoconferences,…
Maintenance: With capacity to incorporate the remote maintenance of the equipment.
Our House has a degree of automation led to the highest level.

  • Terraces: 600 M2
  • IBI + Basura TAX: 5.000 € per year
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